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Workshops &DiscussionS

From 2016 - 2018 I ran the performance discussion forum/workshop Space for Failure which provided a space to try, discuss and workshop works in progress for performers in a peer forum and was supported by Post-Grduate Community Fund. In 2016/17 I staged workshops on non-confrontational protest techniques based on techniques developped by Occupy Wall Street which re-integrate the carnivalesque into political protest and avoid scenes of aggression which are replaced by images of collective jumping.

The staging took place as part of Proverommet in March 2016 in Bergen, Norway, and twice as part of Venice Agendas in Margate and Folkestone in 2017. From 2011-2012 I provided workshops on banking and financial education across different high schools commissioned by the Austrian Museum of Economics.

Photos Occupy Folkestone: Manuel Vasson

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