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Review Defiant Muses. Delphine Seyrig and the Feminist Video Collectives of 1970s and 1980s Franceexhibition at Kunsthalle Wien (2022), published in MIRAJ: Moving Image Review & Art Journal (Journal), Intellect Books, London​

‘Am I Front or Backstage ? – a instagrammable essay on performance, intimacy and circulation (without images)’ – published for the conference Love Spells and Rituals from Another World (2020)   Royal Holloway University


Journal for Language, Text and Society: Performing Resistance in Post - Fordism: A Tactical Juxtaposition of Languages in an Academic Paper/Performance

In this academic paper I am investigating the artistic strategy of juxtaposition and montage within academic writing. Here I am using  two narratives – on the one hand an account of my paper presentation at the conference for Language, Text and Society in June 2018 at the University of Nottingham and the other LTI – Lingua Tertii Imperii: Notizbuch eines Philologen (1947), a book by Jewish philologist Viktor Klemperer. Written in the form of personal notes, Klemperer in this book studied how German language was altered by Nazi propaganda while living in Dresden during the 1930s. In my paper I juxtapose Klemperer’s account via footnotes with my presentation which focuses on the terminology currently used in relation to social media for example the term ‘followers’.

Contributing author. 2019.The Supreme Deluxe Essential Monster Chetwynd Handbook. Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, Switzerland

In this commissioned text I contextualized the performance work of Turner Prize nominee Monster Chetwynd (formerly known as Marvin Gaye Chetwynd) with the concept of heterotopia by Michel Foucault. The same text passage I performed in Monster Chetwynd’s 2018 film .


Global Performance Studies 2.1 | Sequence 02: A Video Case Study of Online Detournement(s) and “Sexual Decoys”

In this case study I analyze the effects of using the artistic strategy of montage in online video work. At the center the case study is my own video work Sequence 02, in which I juxtapose my performing upper body, Charlie Chaplin’s voice and a YouTube video of a French female politician from the Front National. My analysis uses the concept of sexual decoy by Zillah Eisenstein as a theoretical framework while contextualizing it within cognitive capitalism and the method of Detournement by the Situationist International. In this case study I particularly focus on current right-wing movements in Europe and the US and their female leader’s/lead figures such as Ivanka Trump (US) and Alice Weidel from the German AfD.

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